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A house of my dream
25.01.2012, 01:05

Автор: учитель английского языка «Школы здоровья и индивидуального развития» Долгова Л.И.

Цели урока: 1. закрепить изученный лексический и грамматический материал по теме
        « Дом, милый дом» и проверить его усвоение.
        2. практиковать учащихся в говорении по заданной ситуации.
        3. развивать навыки чтения с целью понимания основного содержания
            прочитанного текста и его деталей.
Образовательная цель: расширять кросс-культурные знания учащихся.
Воспитательная цель: воспитывать культуру общения.
Оборудование: аудиозапись, слайды, проекты учащихся.
Ход урока.

I.    Warm-up.

1.    Listen to the song and answer the question:
What are the names of homes in the song?
2.    Do the exercise. Complete the following sentences with the names of buildings or homes from the box.

wigwam     palace     log cabins    skyscraper    igloo   block of flats   barrel
cottage     caravan    tent     houseboat     hospital    bungalow

1.    Eskimos live in a house made of ice called _an__________________________ .
2.    American Indians live in a ________________________________________ .
3.    The Empire State Building is so tall that it is called a ___________________ .
4.    In Russian villages people used to live in ____________________________ .
5.    Diogen lived in a _______________________________________________ .
6.    The British Queen lives in a _______________________________________ .
7.    I live in a modern _______________________________________________ .
8.    My parents would prefer to live in a beautiful _________________________ .
9.    In summer when I go on an activity holiday I live in a __________________ .
10.    Americans like to travel in a _______________________________________ .

II. Speaking.

Work in groups of three or four, discuss your designs of a house of your dream, its advantages and disadvantages, decide whose design is the most interesting or unusual and be ready to report your ideas to the class.

III. Reading.

Where will people live in the 21st century?
1.    Read the text about Japan and say what kind of a building one of the Japanese architects has designed.
Living in the skies.

    Louise Hidalgo considers life in the 21st century, with two-kilometre high buildings, and
    Japanese cities that touch the sky.
Imagine a building one third of the height of Mount Everest, built by robots, and containing a whole city. Imagine you can walk out of your front door in a T-shirt and shorts on a cold winter’s day and take a lift down 500 floors to school. Imagine you can never open a window. Imagine…
Well, if Japanese architects find enough money for their project, in the 21st century you’ll be able to live in a building like that.
Ohbayashi Gumi has designed a two-kilometre high building, Aeropolis, which will stand right in the middle of Tokyo Bay. Over 300,000 people will live in it. It will be 500 floors high, and in special lifts it will take just 15 minutes to get from top to bottom. Restaurants, offices, flats, cinemas, schools, hospitals, and post offices will all be just a few lift stops away. According to the architects, Aeropolis will be the first " city to touch the skies’’.
"When we get to the end of this century, Tokyo will have a population of over 15 million people,” said design manager Mr. Shuzimo”. There isn’t enough land in Japan. We’re going to start doing tests to find the best place to build it. I hope people will like living on the 500th floor.”
Won’t people want to have trees and flowers around them? "We’ re going to have green floors, where children can play and office workers can eat their lunch-break sandwiches”, explained Mr. Shuzimo. What about fires? "If there is a fire, it will be put by robots. I hope we’ll get the money we need to build. As soon as we do, we’ll start. This will be the most exciting building in the world”.

2.    Read the text again and say if the following statements are true or false, correct them if you can.

1.    A two-kilometre high building, Aeropolis, is American architect’s design.
2.    Over 300,000 people will live in it.
3.    It will be 500 floors high and without special lifts to take you from the bottom to the top.
4.    According to the architects Aeropolis will be the first " city to touch the skies”.
5.    Tokyo will have a population of over 20 million people at the end of the 21st century.
6.    The project of Aeropolis will cost over &2,000 million.
7.    There will be no green trees and flowers in Aeropolis.
8.    This will be the most exciting building in the world.

3.    Answer the questions:
What do you think of this architect’s design?
Would you like to live in Aeropolis? Why/Why not?

IV. Speaking.

Look at the picture of a house. Describe it according to the plan:
-    what kind of a building it is.
-    its specific features.
-    what is good/bad about it.
-    what you feel about it.
-    your wishes.

V. Homework.

Write a letter to your British penfriend about a house of your dream. 80-100 words.

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